Thursday, March 24, 2011

Homeless in Kirkwood

Got a lot more water today.  A tree got stuck on the bridge and as you can see it brought out the homeless people.  Poor fellow. Wasn't sure if it was a troll or not at first since the sight of him scared me. Thought he wanted food, but then realized that it was the whiskey so I had to sic the dog after him. He's just gonna have to find another bridge.


  1. Hide the good stuff! Well there's probably not much left after you got through with it.

  2. This homeless man has the look of gay lust on his face. Ah yes, he waits for the unwilling to cross under his bridge (and the willing. . hi Spike and Travis) and introduces them to a world of full moons and ass grabs! I know this to be true. . . ah . um cause someone told me. No, no I don't make ramdon visit to the bridge, late at night. . alone. ..whoa, is it getting hot in here. Ha! Great pic! Miss you guys.

  3. I thought Jaylin and my little nieces and nephews took care of the trolls under that bridge. Heck maybe thats what the trolls off and look what shows up, I am truely afraid for my little nieces and nephews and it looks like I may need to be concerned for my boys!!!!!!!!!!